Jingle Quiz UK Answers

Jingle Quiz ‘UK’ Answers of All Shuffled levels

Jingle Quiz: Logo sound game [Guess The Sound]

Jingle Quiz ‘UK’ Answers hints are posted on this page, it will help you to pass the level. You can find below all the answers cheats and solutions for this amazing game by ELIA GAMES Called Jingle Quiz.

In the Jingle Quiz, your knowledge of advertising jingles and theme songs, musics that you hear every day on the radio and TV. You have to recognize the world’s biggest brand sounds by listen the song. The concept is very easy, just listen to a short music clip of a jingle and find the answer using the given letters. Play and enjoy the game.

Jingle Quiz ‘UK’ Answers

  • Jingle Quiz Level 1 Answer: BBC News
  • Jingle Quiz Level 2 Answer: MCDONALD’S
  • Jingle Quiz Level 3 Answer: NETFLIX
  • Jingle Quiz Level 4 Answer: JUST EAT
  • Jingle Quiz Level 5 Answer: EASTENDERS
  • Jingle Quiz Level 6 Answer: WEET-BIX
  • Jingle Quiz Level 7 Answer: TESCO
  • Jingle Quiz Level 8 Answer: LUCKY CHARMS
  • Jingle Quiz Level 9 Answer: CORONATION STREET
  • Jingle Quiz Level 10 Answer: HARRY POTTER
  • Jingle Quiz Level 11 Answer: THE ADDAMS FAMILY
  • Jingle Quiz Level 12 Answer: MILKY WAY / CORNETTO
  • Jingle Quiz Level 13 Answer: TOYS R US
  • Jingle Quiz Level 14 Answer: HBO/ WARNER BROTHERS
  • Jingle Quiz Level 15 Answer: I M A CELEBRITY
  • Jingle Quiz Level 16 Answer: FRIENDS
  • Jingle Quiz Level 17 Answer: DISNEY
  • Jingle Quiz Level 18 Answer: HARIBO
  • Jingle Quiz Level 19 Answer: 20TH CENTURY FOX
  • Jingle Quiz Level 20 Answer: INTEL
Jingle Quiz Level 'UK' Shuffled Levels

2 Letters Words – LG, VW

3 Letters Words – B&Q, BMW, THX, KFC, WII, MAC, MGM, THX

4 Letters Words – Aldi, JAWS, Asda, Audi, XBOX, Bold, Club, Ikea, SIRI, Trio,

5 Letters Words – Sonic Ariel, FAIRY, Heinz, NOKIA, Roses, PIXAR, SKYPE, SLACK

6 Letters Words – Batman, Calgon, Tetley, IPHONE, PG Tips, Yorkie, TETRIS, scotch

7 Letters Words – covonia, Um Bongo, Irn-Bru, SAMSUNGL’Oreal, Marmite, Nando’s, Penguin, Red Bull, Renault, Ronseal,, TWITTER, Iceland

8 Letters Words – Channel 4, Cornetto, Snapchat,FORTNITE, Skittles, GAMECUBE, Gillette, hastings, Hotels4u  Maynards, Olympics, IMESSAGE, Pringles, Snickers, Soccer AM, Strictly, The Chase, Vitalite

9 Letters Words – UNIVERSAL, autoglass, BUDWEISER, Go Compare, FAMILY GUY, FULL HOUSE, Dairy Milk, MARIO KART, Sky Sports, JUDGE JUDY, LAW & ORDER, Hollyoaks

10 Letters Words – MONEY HEIST, Shake n’ Vac, Shakey Jake, SUPER MARIO, THE X-FILES, postman Pat

11 Letters Words – Sainsbury’s, THE SIMPSONS, We Buy Any Car

12 Letters Words -MODERN FAMILY, Fruit ‘n Fibre, GHOSTBUSTERS, JURASSIC PARK,  MORTAL KOMBAT, totallymoney, Harvey Norman

13 Letters Words – Currys PC World, Match of the Day, The Apprentice

14 Letters Words  – ANIMAL CROSSING, Wallace & Gromit, Chicken Tonight, The Pink Panther

15 Letters Words – BACK TO THE FUTURE, Checkatrade.com, Inspector Gadget, Champions League

16 Letters Words – COLUMBIA PICTURES, Compare the Market

17 Letters Words – FACEBOOK MESSENGER, London Underground, Lyle’s Golden Syrup

18 Letters Words – Mission: Impossible

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