Green Game Walkthrough Hints (Level 1-50)

Green (Level 1-50) Walkthrough Hints Bart Bonte

Green game cheat and detailed hints are given on this page.

The sequel to bart’s ‘red’,’yellow’,  ‘black’ and ‘blue’ games is here!Try to make the screen green in 50 levels? Each level has its own logic. Do you need help? you can take help from this page, I have provided all hints of the game on this page.

Green Level 1-50 hints:

Green Level 1

Hint 1: Push the button

Hint 2: Push the button 8 times

Green Level 2

Hint 1: Slide down

Hint 2: Pull down the 2 sliders

Green Level 3

Hint 1: Close and open

Hint 2:Close and open, one after the another

Hint 3: Close and open a flower, 3 times

Green Level 4

Hint 1: Tap the arrows

Hint 2: Tap the  arrows when they point to the border

Hint 3: Tap the arrows to get them off the screen

Green Level 5

Hint 1: Crossing

Hint 2: Push the tree at the crossing of the arrows

Hint 3: Push the tree that all the arrows point to

Green Level 6

Hint 1: Tap tap tap

Hint 2: Tap  tap tap quick

Green Level 7

Hint 1: right down left up

Hint 2: Button 1= Right , button 2=Down,

Hint 3: Move around the screen to make everything green

Green Level 8

Hint 1: Touch and hold

Hint 2:  Touch and keep touching and make it pop

Green Level 9

Hint 1: On top

Hint 2: Put the 9 on top of black part

Green Level 10

Hint 1: Drag and cover

Hint 2: Drag the green bars over the white bars

Hint 3: Drag the green 1 and 0 over the  white 1 and 0

Green Level 11

Hint 1: Fill up,  bring one over, one position down, repeat

Hint 2: Fill up, move a block right with top button

Hint 3: Bring one position with right button, repeat

Green Level 12

Hint 1: Slide the green blocks

Hint 2: Slide the green letters over the white letters

Hint 3: Make the word green horizontally

Green Level 13

Hint 1: Name of the game

Hint 2: Tap the balls in the order : G R E E N

Hint 3: Tap the word ‘GREEN’ 4 times

Green Level 14

Hint 1: 1 5 3……

Hint 2:  1 5 3  4 8 2 7 9 6

Hint 3:  Button 1 and 4 are already numbered

Hint 4:  So the buttons are from top to bottom: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Hint 5: So tap buttons in the order: 1 5 3 4 8 2 7 9 6

Hint 6: Tap 1st 5th 3rd 4th 8th  2nd 7th 9th 6th button

Green Level 15

Hint 1: Cover the white balls

Hint 2: Each intersection has 2 leaves in common

Hint 3: try to fix it by clicking on circles

Green Level 16

Hint 1:Clock

Hint 2: Push the buttons clockwise

Hint 3: Push the buttons one after the other

Green Level 17

Hint 1: You can only only press neighbors

Hint 2: Find a path to visit all  the squares

Green Level 18

Hint 1: Tap a ball, ball moves in direction of arrow

Hint 2: Move the balls of the arrow

Green Level 19

Hint 1: One by one down to bring 1st bar all the way down

Hint 2: Then 4 sliders up and one by one down for next

Hint 3: Then 3 sliders up and one by one down , and so on

Green Level 20

Hint 1: Tap the screen to turn to the right

Hint 2: It’s snake , don’t eat yourself

Hint 3: Tapping the screen makes the snake turn to the right

Hint 4: The snake always turns 90 degree clockwise

Green Level 21

Hint 1: The trees are arrows

Hint 2: Combine the arrows to find position of next button

Hint 3: Don’t cont buttons , but count positions

hint 4: There are 5 positions in each row

Hint 5: Trees show the position of the next button to press

Green Level 22

Hint 1: Always choose the left button ( white circle )

Hint 2: Always choose right button

Green Level 23

Hint 1: GREEN in 4 directions

Hint 2: tap G R E E N in same direction

Hint 3: tap the word GREEN in the same direction 4 times

Green Level 24

Hint 1: The ball moves in the direction of the arrow below

Hint 2: Tap the arrows to make a path for the ball

Hint 3: Tap the  ball, move the ball off the screen

Green Level 25

Hint 1: Try to get 2 leaves next to each other of the left

Hint 2: And try to create 2 free spaces on the right

Hint 3: Then move them to thee right to covers the  white balls

Green Level 26

Hint 1: Drop  from the top

Hint 2:  Drop 26 from the top to the bottom to break it

Hint 3: From top of the screen to the bottom of the screen

Hint 4: Don’t drop on the black platform but on the ground

Green Level 27

Hint 1: Swipe around the screen to eat all the green dots

Hint 2: Then cover all the white with the green snake

Green Level 28

Hint 1: Swipe

Hint 2: Keep swiping the direction of the arrow

Green Level 29

Hint 1: Tap the green balls

Hint 2: Green balls move in the direction of arrow

Hint 3: Cover the white with the green balls

Green Level 30

Hint 1: All the way up, all the way down

Hint 2: Bring 1 up, bring 2 down, bring 3 up…

Green Level 31

Hint 1: Can you fit everything in the black area ?

Hint 2: Put the  L shapes in the corner

Green Level 32

Hint 1: Watch the order of appearing

Hint 2: Pick the leaves in the order of  appearing

Green Level 33

Hint 1: Slide the green blocks

Hint 2:  Make the word green, use the  free spots

Green Level 34

Hint 1: Swipe to cover the white spots, start with 2 blocks

Hint 2: Then use the fixed blocks and  the borders to align

Green Level 35

Hint 1: Start with the middle cube on the left

Hint 2: Then the cube above, then the cube below that one

Hint 3: Then go anti-clockwise to visit all other cubes

Hint 5: Find the path to visit all the squares

Green Level 36

Hint 1:  can you break 36 again

Hint 2: Place 36 half on the platform

Green Level 37

Hint 1: Visit all the trees, clockwise / anti-clockwise buttons

Hint 2:  Go down? stop with button 1 on lowest, then button 2

Hint 3: Go up? stop with button 1 on highest, then button 2

Hint 4: Go left? stop with button 1 on left, then button 2

Hint 5: Go right? stop with button 1 on right, then button 2

Green Level 38

Hint 1: Press up or down when the triangle points up/down

Hint 2: For each row of triangles from left to right

Hint 3: Make all triangles green by pressing op or down

Green Level 39

Hint 1:  1 2 3 ……..16

Hint 2: =1,count the sides of the shapes, add everything

Hint 3: Press button 1 2 3 …….16

Hint 4: Dot =1, triangle =3, add all shapes to get numbers

Green Level 40

Hint 1: Name of the game

Hint 2: Alphabet

Hint 3:  Can you spell GREEN

Green Level 41

Hint 1: Tap the buttons in order of the numbers

Hint 2: Tap buttons corresponding with 1 2 3….

Hint 3: 1 is in 1st position, 2nd is 6th position

Hint 4: So tap buttons 1 6 3 4 2 9 7 5 8

Green Level 42

Hint 1: G→ = GREEN G← = NEERG

Hint 2: Green in 4 directions, But G← = NEERG

Green Level 43

Hint 1: Crossing Point

Hint 2: Push the tree at the crossing of the arrows

Green Level 44

Hint 1: Up down left right, move to the exit

Hint 2: You can’t see the dark part.

Green Level 45

Hint 1: Get 2 leaves next to each other on the far left

Hint 2:then 2 leaves next to each other on the far right

Hint 3: Then 2 leaves opposite of each other in the middle.

Hint 4: Put the middle vertile so you can move in the others

Green Level 46

Hint 1: Touch the Screen and move around.

Hint 2: Can you fit all the shapes?

Green Level 47

Hint 1: Name of the game?

Hint 2: Can you make G R E E N

Hint 3: Each letter has a top and bottom part.

Green Level 48

Hint 1: Find pairs

Hint 2: find blocks that point to the same position.

Hint 3: Find pairs of blocks that lead to the same spot.

Green Level 49

Hint 1: Imagine you are walking on the line

Hint 2: Press left/Right when you make a left/right turn.

Green Level 50

Hint 1: The ball moves in the direction of the arrow below.

Hint 2: An arrow disappears when the ball moves over it.

Hint 3: All the arrows are white so remove them all.

Hint 4: Make a path to move over all the arrows.

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