Brain Run Level 101 Answer & Solution

Brain Run Level 101 Answer Hint

Brain Run Game level 101 Answer and walk  through guide is given here.

Brain run IQ – Mind Tricks is a fascinating brain puzzle and a easy game brain test.

Brain Run is a puzzle game, an intellectual game, with brain puzzles, brain teasers and fun iq test with interesting, surprising and addictive questions. Try to play it to see how smart and creative you are. Just playing a few minutes a day, you can train your brain, it’s easy and effective. Every day, you get a new workout so you can overcome the bossy challenge.

Being flexible, intuitive, free of thoughts, imagination and brainstorming are things you need to overcome challenges. Brain Run IQ do you crazy and helps in increasing your brain and test your ability about logic, memory,reflex.. Sometimes, the answer goes beyond what you think and that’s when you open your mind, not limited to thinking.
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Brain run IQ  Level 101 Solution:

Brain Run Level 101

2. Silhouettes of prisoners

3. The hair of the prisoner is not strange.

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