Brain Quiz Level 23.3 Answer & Solution

Brain Quiz Level 23.3 Answer Hint

Brain Quiz Game Level 23.3 Answer and walk through guide is given here.

 BRAIN QUIZ – TRICKY QUESTIONS is a set of puzzle games. It makes your mind think outside of the box, because obvious answers are usually wrong. You will experience a whole series of creative and challenging puzzles that push you to the limit.

Endless fun, unexpected mind-blowing brain teasers are waiting you with this game. You will relax and exercise your brain. Push your brain to the limit!

Challenge yourself and your friends with different funny riddles to make you frustrate and laugh at same time. These additive and free tricky questions will surely make you come back for more.

Brain Quiz Level 23.3
4 hen, 4 eggs , 4 days, on average 1 hen lays 0.25 egg in 1 day. 

If you want to lay 75 eggs in 100 day then you need 3 hens.

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