Brain Love 2 Medium Level 74 (Catch the banana)

Brain Love 2 Level 74 (Medium) Answer Hint

Brain Love 2 Game Level 74 Answer and walk through guide is given here.

You have to use your thinking and imagination to win the levels. A lot of the games need weird answers and brain hacks so try to use all your imagination.Game Brain training, practice thinking and imagination, memory. There are many brain challenging puzzles to test and challenge your IQ. By challenging riddles, your memory and logical thinking skills will be greatly improved. Enjoying casual games also train your intelligence! Activate your thinking any operation may be the key that unlocks the puzzle, You may try to invert the phone, shake, or even kiss it. Brain Love 2 is a challenging and fun thinking game with multiple trivia puzzles and brain teasers. Play and test your logical thinking by solving brain quizzes and math puzzles!.

Catch the banana

Brain Love 2 Level 74
Before tap on play button shake your phone, bucket will rotate 90 then tap on play and move the bucket to catch the bucket.

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